About Detox Me

At Silent Spring Institute, we believe knowledge is not just power, but a prescription for prevention. Since 1996, Silent Spring Institute has been studying toxic chemicals commonly found in homes and in people’s bodies, how we are exposed to them, and what health effects they might have, with a special emphasis on breast cancer.

The health risks associated with a toxic chemical depend on its effects on the body and on exposure—how much of the chemical a person encounters and how much of it enters the body. Our goal from the beginning has been to help people reduce their exposure to toxic chemicals and to reduce their risk of disease.

Our landmark studies of toxic chemicals in people's homes have shown that the home can be a significant source of harmful pollutants. By analyzing chemicals in dust, air, and products, we identified consumer products, furnishings, and home building products as important sources of these pollutants.

To put this vital knowledge to use, we have created a set of easy-to-follow recommendations to help people eliminate sources of toxic chemicals from their environment. With Detox Me, we are now able to share these tips with you anytime, on demand, and organized in a helpful guide to 'detox' your home and your daily routine.

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